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  • wadexu69: Fresh domestic after instead of throw: http://jim.projects.telrock.or g
  • Reece Groves: This has helped me out so much! I am doing an internship for a large equestrian eCommerce store and was...
  • ZK@Web Marketing Blog: I think it would be a great opportunity for the people who are seeking a good career in this...
  • AB34: Northern Trust should be renamed “NO-TRUST” Run while you can, you will always be at the bottom of...
  • shareen: i was wondering what is the corporate office general # for this company? i went on the website but you are...


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I’ve Graduated!

Ok so it’s been over 3 months since this miraculous event, but I thought I’d post it on this blog and give some sort of an update. So yes, it’s official. I’ve graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. (this stands for Bachelor of Science in case you were thinking otherwise) in Industrial Engineering and […]

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