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If you have any questions, comments, or job offers, please feel free to shoot me an email at gyutae [at] gyutae [dot] com.

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Comment by Michael Lodispoto
2007-12-14 19:03:52

Hi Gyutae!

I’ve been reading your sites and comments on many sites and would like to speak to you. I am in NYC and you can call me at 800-303-8229. Just a small chat if you are up to me picking your brain for an hour – I will pay you for your time.

Give me a call tonight up until 8:30 pm. After that I might leave for Happy Hour, in which case I will be not capable of speaking very well.

I will also be in this office on Monday from 11 am until 8:30 pm if this would be a better time for you.
I think you will be very pleased with the conversation!


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